Doccloud is for IT operations / managers who need:

  • Automated documentation
  • Configuration change tracking
  • Configuration analytics capabilities
  • Answers and Reports for IT audits

DocCloud BI Suite for IT Operations is an IT operations toolkit that provides
automated configuration reporting on a daily basis.
Unlike today where configuration data collection and documentation is done
manually or not at all, DocCloud provides this as a fully automated process.

Be smart and choose DocCloud as the cost saving solution
to your daily documentation challenges.

And Executives who face Challenges like:

Your IT department knows the composition of the Company IT infrastructure, the Architecture, the Servers and Services, and how it is all designed to work together. All Changes to Servers and Services configurations are governed by Change procedures, and maybe even following the ITIL framework, or are they ?

Do you have the tools to identify and track out-of-band and unapproved changes?

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Are Systems owners made aware of unscheduled changes to server and service configurations with the potential to affect service uptime, before these result in critical failure ?

DocCloud BI Suite for IT Operations provides a unique ability to track and analyze configuration changes both daily and a historic perspective.

The Challenges

You may already be using the ITIL framework to ensure you are in control of the change process, which in turn should result in changes not being implemented without prior approval?

But how about the unapproved and undocumented configuration changes which are often performed alongside the approved changes during a service window?

Most IT departments are met with the challenge of budget restrains; Basically cutting the cost of production. In an IT department, this typically translate into reducing the spend on consultants and the cost of manpower. Building and maintaining proper configuration documentation is a time consuming and most of all costly task.

How much time and resources does your IT department spend on this task on a yearly basis, and does the current level of documentation satisfy the company requirements and governmental legislation?

The majority of companies which have started the process of ensuring their IT infrastructure adhere to the new EU legislation on Person Data protection, are focusing on the dataflow and the intended user access controls. Far fewer companies, public or private, pays attention to the requirements of configuration documentation and the need for configuration change visibility.

The Solution

From a management point of view, the comprehensive documentation provided automatically, eases the time spend on manually maintaining documentation, as the various features and modules gives management:

  • The choice to extend existing configuration change processes and procedures. As change managers will have the option to validate the intended configuration change against the actual configuration changes performed.
  • The ability to quickly and easily identify configuration changes made to the infrastructure.
  • Monitoring and alerting capabilities, enabling the notification of system owners upon configuration changes to critical services.A quick and simple way to deliver requested data for audit report.
    The ability to identify and track out-of-band configuration changes to servers and services daily.
  • Always up-to-date configuration documentation.
  • Reduction of cost and complexity during disaster recovery.
  • Datamining capabilities on historic configuration changes to help identify trends and threats.
  • The ability to validate the deliverables of outsourcing providers and document potential SLA violation.
  • Reduction of both human and financial cost of developing and maintaining IT configuration documentation.

DocCloud BI Suite for IT Operations provides an in-depth view of both historical and current server configurations, as well as the ability to identify critical out-of-band changes when they occur and notify system owners. Thus, helping to ensure uniform server configurations and ultimately a higher level of security.

Reporting Capabilities

Need Documentation?
Ignoring the documentation needs due to lack of time, or simply just given up since you don't know where to begin?


What has Changed?
Everything was running smoothly yesterday, but this morning errors keep rolling in... If only I could see which configuration changes that was made since yesterday ...


Investigate your IT
Create your own custom report, displaying what YOU need. Analyse your data in Excel or use our API, and pull data directly


Compare Reports
Are my configurations the same? You can spend hours looking for diffences on two systems - Or you could be smart and use


Compliance Reports
Identify configuration discrepancies between the desired configuration and the actual configuration.