Doccloud™ was formally founded in 2015 after four years of development work on the product – “DocCloud”.

The name DocCloud comes from the product itself; an automated cloud-based solution collecting configuration information and delivering update-to-date documentation reports when you need it: Documentation in the cloud.

With our extensive background in the IT industry, we have witnessed an ever growing gap between the rate of configuration changes and the ability to keep configuration documentation current. Most IT departments have to some extent had to accept the risk of operating an IT infrastructure without proper documentation, and some have even opted to do without any documentation.
As the solution to this problem we have designed and developed DocCloud; An easy to deploy, self-maintaining, fully automated and cloud based service, which on a daily basis keeps track of configuration changes across all servers and services an IT infrastructure.

The company is owned by six people with a combined experience in the IT and Telecommunication sector of well over 100 years. Our background is your guarantee of our commitment to the continuous develop of new data collection modules based on our ideas and customer requests.