“Cubisol has until recently been a global provider of secure Hosting and Cloud Services for the shipping Industry. Due to a change in company group strategy it was decided to close Cubisol down, and as part of this process to assist the customers with the move to other hosting providers.

This presented us with a range of issues, which we needed to deal with.

First, we needed verify and supplement our existing documentation to ensure that everything was handled properly during the transition of our customers.

Second, as part of the transition phase of moving a customer, we would have to allow the new hosting provider access to co-administrator the customer servers. To ensure the success and minimize the misunderstandings which can arise, when two IT Operational Teams perform management task on the same servers, we need an in-depth configuration change tracking capability.”

Says Kaare Rubak, CEO, and continues

“To help deal with these issues, we chose the DocCloud BI Suite for IT Operation, as it provided us with a fully automated, simple to deploy and easy to use platform for cross domain configuration data collection and reporting. With the DocCloud solution, we have been able to track even small changes to server configurations, enabling us to keep an open dialog between IT Operation Teams, and thereby helping ensure the success of the customer transitions.”

Kalundborg kommune bruger DocCloud

Kalundborg municipality

“Documenting an IT infrastructure is an ongoing challenge, and it can be a labour-intensive task to keep the documentation up to date.

DocCloud BI suite provides us with a simple and automated way to maintain a proper level of documentation of our servers – Especially the access to historical configuration data is of great value to us, when monitoring and tracking changes made by both internal and external consultants. We are expecting to reduce the time spend on manually documenting our infrastructure, and thereby freeing up valuable human resources for important tasks, such as Operational optimisations and planning, developing and implementing new services.”

-Anne Dandanell.

Danish Refugee Council

The Danish Refugee Council implemented DocCloud in the end of 2016 across both local servers in Denmark, and the servers used by individual missions around the world.

”Not only does DocCloud BI Suite provide great value with up-to-date documentation of the configuration of servers in our local IT infrastructure and a toolset to perform important analysis and datamining operations.” 

“We now also have the ability to monitor and track changes to the configuration of non-domain joined servers supporting our missions worldwide.”

- Jørgen Skieller, Chief Information Officer

UCC Benytter DocCloud

University College Capital

University College Capital deployed DocCloud in the spring of 2015, with the desire to always have an up-to-date documentation of the configuration of their servers.

“Being able to let my team focus on the daily IT operation tasks and not having to spend time on a manual documentation process, provides both the team and myself with a great relief. They can spend their time doing what love and at the same time I have Peace of mind knowing that any change to server configurations are always properly documented.” - Jacob Sager(UCC)

“Having access to documentation at this detail level has also proven helpful at more than one occasion. Recently an entire SharePoint environment was taken offline by a software compatibility issue between our monitoring solution and SharePoint. With no apparent history of change to our SharePoint servers, the service was completely offline. Being able to use DocCloud Change and Compare reporting we quickly identified even the smallest changes to our servers, in this case an automated update of the monitoring agent, and were able to efficiently eliminate the problem and bring the SharePoint service back online.”  - Jacob Sager(UCC)

IT Center Syd Bruger DocCloud

IT Center Syd

”IT Center Syd has been using DocCloud since early 2016, and we are extremely satisfied with the state of visibility and control over our IT infrastructure that DocCloud affords us” says Michael Knudsen Baasch, “When we recently had to perform the task of replacing a public wildcard certificate across all our servers, making sure that no server was left with the expiring certificate, we simply generated a DocCloud report of servers using the certificate. Having an up-do-date list of these servers, enabled us to perform the replacement with great efficiency and confidence.”

Søstrene Grene

In November 2016 Sostrene Grene chose to deploy DocCloud, in an effort to create visibility of daily changes to the configuration of their servers. “Being able to detect changes to the local Windows Firewall configuration on all my servers, gives me the ability to ensure that we are always compliant with our company security policies.” Says Henrik Hjorth, “And having the ability to not only detect a change to an Active Directory Group Policy, but to be able to pinpoint what was actually changed within that policy, is a feature that I have not seen in any other product on the market.”