Based on the daily collected configuration data DocCloud provides compare reports for 2 or more servers or services in Excel format, enabling the user to use the power of excel to analyse the data to better understand the differences in current configuration state.

The reports enable the user to easily identify configuration discrepancies between servers, which has to be identical, scenarios like

  • Domain Controllers having Sysvol on different Drives / Paths, which could impact operation monitoring for i.e. free space, and potentially impact Active Directory replication.
  • Hyper-V Host Cluster members using different driver versions or driver settings for key components, which potentially could reduce both performance and cluster stability.
  • Local Admin group having different content across i.e. File servers or SharePoint server, could impact both security and stability.

Due to the depth of the collected data, the data is filtered to the needs of a specific report. The user is provided the option of selecting a report template and a group of servers or services to be included in a report. The same template can be used to generate multiple reports if needed, as well as multiple reports can be generated for the same servers or services.

Once the desired report definitions have been added, they will automatically be generated every night, giving the user the ability to always login and download updated compare reports.

Add-on compatibility


Extended functionality

Web-service / Rest API

Report data will be available through a Rest API, providing secure and controlled access to service management application like System Center Service Manager, WinPoint IT Service Management and many more.

Ad-hoc Reporting and historic data access

Possibility of generating ‘back in time’ analytics report for servers and services.

Possibility of generating one or more compare reports ‘on the fly’ instead of waiting for the automated nightly generation of reports

Secure Service Account Password